About Us

Brooke Lodge Riding Club.
Brooke Lodge Riding Club was founded in 1987.  The founder members were originally committee members of Killegar Riding Club.  The Club moved to Brooke Lodge Riding School where it was welcomed by Sandra McCracken and took its name from the Riding School.  The club that moved to Brooke Lodge was very different from the club of today.  The members did not own their own horses and used riding school horses.  The club no longer has an official base but enjoys the use of the facilities at Brooke Lodge, Boswell Equestrian and Marlton Stud.
In the past 25 years the club has grown from strength to strength to become an intrinsic part of the South Leinster Region. Many hard working and dedicated committee members have contributed to make it what it is today.  The majority of the membership would be horse owners who compete on a regular basis.  The club hosts a leg of the regional dressage league and an annual Spring Show which has proved to be a very popular and successful event.  The Club also organises training in all disciplines throughout the year. 
As you can see Brook Lodge is a very active club and our aim is to encourage and enjoy equestrianism at all levels from beginners to experienced riders.

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